John and Mary

John and Mary grew up together in Floyd County; both were children of farmers. They met at the Floyd County Harvest Festival and soon began a courtship. John joined the Army and Mary helped support the war efforts by staying on the farm to help her parents with the cotton production.

Their letters continued the courtship with discussions surrounding the idea that both would become married and move away from Floyd County. Witnessing the hard ships and disappointments through the Great Depression, the attack on their cotton fields from droughts and boll weevil infestations; they both felt they wanted something different.
After the war ended John returned home glad to again have Floyd County soil under his feet. Both were married in 1945. It was during this time that farming began to rebound in Floyd County, and John’s parents helped them obtain an adjoining farm to their homestead.

For the next 55 years John and Mary enjoyed living in Floyd County, they raised a family, and rarely needed to go to Amarillo or Lubbock. While Mary was pretty good at driving the farm truck during the harvest, it was John that did the city driving. In fact Mary didn’t care about driving much into Plainview.

In 2008 John suffered a major stroke, after several weeks of intensive rehab efforts in Amarillo it soon became apparent that John wouldn’t be unable to return home. Somehow Mary was convinced that John needed to stay in a long term care facility there. Mary never tried to make the drive herself, but for the next three years she depended on her children and friends to make the trip to Amarillo to be with John whenever she could
One day Mary ran into June, who she hadn’t seen for years. After a brief discussion Mary discovered that, June’s husband also became ill in 2010. When Mary asked her about making the trips June looked at Mary and asked why, are you doing that? My husband lives in the Lockney Nursing and Rehab facility, and I’m able to stop in and see him daily. They provide everything that they can in Amarillo right here at home, plus the hospital is just across the street.

That afternoon Mary went in to talk with Terrell. She was so impressed with the warm friendly staff, and the cleanliness of the facility. Sure it was not as new as the one John was currently in, but neither was their own home, in fact the small quaint bed and breakfast atmosphere felt good and the noon meal, was nothing like the institutional food John was being served now. She was also amazed to see so many others that she and John knew.

It became obvious this was where John needed to be; now Mary drives herself to town and spends quality time with John. Mary was very disappointing to learn that John could have received the same level of rehab at the Lockney facility, and for three years she had placed such a hardship on herself and family, when she could have been home supporting her home town care center.

The above story uses fictional characters but this real life story is a common occurrences of the hardships that occur when a spouse encounters a major accident or medical occurrence. If you are or know someone living this story have them stop by and see what this home town gem has to offer.

Lockney Healthcare and Rehab, is probably the best kept secret in Floyd County. Offering all the same rehabilitation services as provided in Amarillo or Lubbock, this warm small home town care center provides 24 Hr Skilled Care Services for Long Term Care as well as full Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy for those unexpected short term needs following a major accident of medical occurrence.

Did you know that Lockney Nursing and Rehabilitation Facility is Medicare and Medicaid certified and licensed by the State of Texas? Did you know it was also named one of the top nursing centers, not only in Texas but the entire country buy US News for 2012? Come by and take a look for yourself, and see why this just maybe the best kept secret in health care services in Floyd County.

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